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Well well well got a GP100 did ya. Good for you, if you're like me you'll have more than one. I have 3. A 4" SS .357 Magnum, a 6" Blue .357 Magnum and a new(er) 4" SS .327 Magnum. To me the 4" or 6" are great shooters, doesn't matter to me about the weight from one or the other. However the
.327 (holds 7 rounds by the way) has just as much knock down power as the
.357 but shoots straighter and less recoil.....great for women to shoot since you can also shoot 32 shorts or longs, 32 H&R Magnum and the .327 Magnum.
If you ever get the chance to get a .327 grab it you'll see why quickly.
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