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Originally Posted by Hoshnasi View Post
He could have been real about it on the initial Kickstarter, but as he said above, he knew it would not have reached the goal...

In other words, he kept information under his hat in the hopes to attract a bigger fish. It was a calculated risk that I as someone who kicked in was not party to...

I don't like it when things like that go down in my personal or professional life. Hence, why I'm a bit peeved.

Edit to add, while I personally am only out $10.00. I did post videos on Youtube pointing people to the Kickstarter. I vouched for the initial Kickstarter and now, we've got another one.


Dear CalGunners -

Thank you for all for your support of our film Assaulted: Civll Rights Under Fire. (New to you? See previous threads here - and )

This film started as a simple regional compare-and-contrast documentary, looking at California gun laws, for consumption at West Coast film festivals and via regional PBS broadcasts. The focus of the film then moved to a broader presentation of the 2nd Amendment after the Aurora theater shooting caused politicians to call for a new Federal assault weapons ban. Now, the Newtown massacre has created an even a greater need for this film, as our elected officials try everything in their bag to infringe on our second amendment rights. The media is also fast on calling for gun control without fully understanding all of the implications that such proposed restrictive laws have on our civil right, while the real cause for these mass shootings, mental health, gets ignored.

In September/October, we raised $72,000 through a campaign on (net $64,000 after commissions to Kickstarter and Amazon). This net sum represents a third of our total projected budget of $180,000 to complete the film. These funds combined with a donation of $10,000 from CalGuns/SAF has allowed us to obtain the majority of the interviews and principle photography we need to complete the film. Here is a list of completed interviews to date:

Gun Rights Advocates:
Alan Gottlieb
Gene Hoffman
Kenneth Blanchard
Nicole Stallard
Phillip Journey
Robert Weist
Sheldon Clare
Donald Moran
Tomas Boyer

Firearm Users – Deadly Force
Donna Hopper
Jeanne Assam

Alan Gura
Adam Winkler
Bobbie Ross
Eugene Volokh
Don Kilmer
Kevin Thomason
Kathleen Jackson
Gordon Hutchinson
Gary Kleck
Massad Ayoob

Gun Personalities/Media
Chris Cheng
Emily Miller

Ted Lieu
Anthony Portantino

Law Enforcement Officer
Ed Monk
Liz Boyer

Gun Control Advocates
Laurie Saffian

Jeff Knox

Darin Prince
David Christian
Michael Penhall
Alan Samuel

District Attorney
Mike Ramsey

Gun Owner
Randy Spade

Foreign Observer
Michael Lipscombe

First Time Shooters (UCLA students)
Charlie Sarosy
Jonathon Townsend
Katie Mcachen

New Orleans Gun Confiscation Victims
Pattie Konie
Jo Anne Guidos
Wayne Schum
Richard Styron

Man in the Street
Andy Miller
Richard Bordin
Renee Boyd
Mike Ross
Patrick McClure
Leo Weiss
Steve Joiner

We’ve decided to do a theatrical release following the grassroots method used recently by the political film 2016 - released in theaters in major US cities and quickly followed up by distribution through Netflix and iTunes. PBS is still a viable distribution point, but we fear their scheduling cycle will limit the impact of the film through a late second or even third quarter airing long after Congress has debated and passed new gun control laws.

We need to complete the film in the next 60 days to reach this goal. We can only make that schedule work if we have the funds to match the expenses. We will have a new trailer of the film by Jan 7th and will be launching a new Kickstarter campaign shortly after that to raise the remaining funds needed to finish the film - but you don’t have to wait for the Kickstarter campaign to donate.

You can visit the film’s website and make a donation through PayPal (cheaper for us than Amazon/Kickstarter) or send us a check. Major donations can still be made through our PBS presenting station Southern Oregon Public Television (SOPTV) for tax deductions - contact us if you need further information.

Please, we need your help more than ever.

Thank You!
Kris and the “Assaulted” team.

This has been mentioned before.
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