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Originally Posted by Helpful_Cub View Post
Anyone want to do a new years summary on where we stand with LA County CCW issuance? I know we have some new cases against Baca, old cases from ~30 years ago against LA County, stuff in the 9th circuit and probably some new stuff in the pipes. Also anyone have any ideas of what we could expect for January and for 2013 that could give us some hope?

Also I haven't found any new good case statements. Did we not have any success getting them out of the hands of LA County processing office? I think large sums of money was one of the potential new statements but we never heard a dollar value. Being famous is a given, but most of us aren't. We know from other people's experiences that being targeted for death threats won't get you any where in this county.
As far as I know this is the closest thing we have going right now.
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