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Originally Posted by Hoshnasi View Post
I went back to the first Kickstarter and searched high and low for a clear statement that the total budget was much more than the first Kickstarter.

I'm sure you know that if you had put that amount in there you probably wouldn't have reached the intial 70k we chipped in for.

I am not happy about this double-dipping. And yes, I think it is double-dipping, regardless of what post you said the original budget was. I don't follow all your posts but I did click the "Back This Project" button on Kickstarter and no where there did it say this would only get you less than half of the way there.

Still, best of luck. You are doing an important thing and I support the cause, I just don't like how this part played out.

Hell, I'll probably kick in again, I just need to cool off a bit from this. I like up-front honesty when it comes to people asking for money.

Sorry, rant over.
Kris was being real about this. Kris knew that in the time allotted he would not have reached the goal of 140K. When you use kick starter, if you don't reach your monetary goal, kick starter fails and thus, all the money is sent back to the donors and Kris and the production get nothing.
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