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Just started reloading recently and am working up a load for my Remington 700. 41.5grs is looking pretty good so far. I pulled some shots on other runs so I need to practice more.
175 SMKs
FP 210 primers
Hornady once fired brass
2.800" OAL.
5 shot group at 100 yards.

Here is my set up at the range. Rifle specs:
Rem 700 SPS Var .308
McMillan A5
Jewel trigger set to 1.5lbs
Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x50 F1
Nightforce lightweight rings
Badger M5 DBM +2AI 10rd mags
EGW 20 MOA base
Harris Bipod
Triad stockpack

Need more practice, it is insanely addicting.
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