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Good point Pato. If you read the local EdHat thread on Glass Factory, there are complaints from hikers and bicyclists that when they come down E. Camino Cielo from above the range, they always feel as if the firing line is shooting at them. It is reasonably safe as it is, but might be safer if the firing line was rotated a bit.

The other thing from a safety standpoint that I have seen happen up there is some idiots will be on the secondary range, which as we all know faces away from the main range at about 35 degrees, and fire at targets on the main range. Those angles definitely don't work, it is dangerous as hell and I have yelled at shooters on that secondary range not to do that. It causes ricochets and the line of site could result in rounds going off the range, toward the right side of the main range, where bicyclists commonly come flying down E. Camino Cielo. Not sure how we can mitigate that, but it makes me nervous when I have been there. As long as those shooters stick to shooting into the little backstop on their range, very safe. But when they do stupid things like fire across to the big range, accident waiting to happen.

Any ideas about how mitigate that happening? Can we erect a 20' high wall of railroad ties between the main and secondary ranges so that they can't shoot in the unsafe direction? It would only take about 20 or 30 tons of railroad ties, a crane and rebar? ;-)

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