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Originally Posted by kaligaran View Post
While I have a feeling my questions will be answered for me during my classes next month, I'm curious now.

Is the ID what you use to participate is further training? I assume that getting certified is the prerequisite for it? Is that accurate?

And is that ID issued to all participants that complete the 35 hours or so of CERT training or is there additional steps that one must take to become certified and gain access to further training?
I didn't realise there were differing levels of CERT or that not all Counties run the same progam.

Here in San Bernardino County you get the ID after the inital 3 days of training an dI haven't heard anything about Levels. Said initial training is what allows you (if you so decide) to continue on in the CERT program and receive additional training and practical application of skills. Our local CERT has monthly meetings that you attend for this and they also participate in other Community events, either as CERT program recruiters or helping with crowd/traffic control.

The ID card needs to be renewed each year (only done if you are actively participating), so you don't have people running around getting into things they shouldn't years after the fact.
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