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Just got off the phone with SIG cs. A few things to note.

1. Called at 6am Pacific Time, no wait time to get to a rep. Worth the early wake-up.
2. They said ship it in, gun in case only, gunsmiths will look at it. Will take approximately 2-3 weeks.
3. They will email me a FedEx prepaid shipping label (No more UPS it seems like)
4. CS guy was gracious, looks like they will take care of the problem, at no cost to me (except emotional stress at having to mail my SIG away), as it is covered under their stated warranty.

Granted, I should never have had to call their cs, but given that I had to, they were pretty good about everything. As of now, looks like SIG's customer service is still up to par.

Will update again when it gets back to me. Hopefully they include a few hi-cap repair kits and a box of .40
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