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Originally Posted by Deadon View Post
Hey anyone want to fund my business 100%? Ill put all the time in dont worry about that.
Actually, I think that is the whole point of kickstarter. It allows people to start companies or produce products that they otherwise didn't have the means to do. If there is a public demand for it, then they will raise there funds and be successful. If not, they won't raise the funds.

Say I have a product/service/company that I want to get going, and what I'm proposing is very desirable to you.
I don't have the funds to invest in starting this company, but I say, hey, if enough people are as interested in what I have to offer as you are, then donate what you can, and I will give you some form of the finished product in return if I am successful. Not always though, usually what you get from your donation is less valuable than what you donated, but the idea is that what you otherwise wouldn't have available to you because noone is producing this product/service, is now available.
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