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Originally Posted by interstellar View Post
Are you speaking for the CalGuns board?
Lol WTF why would you think that? This is a open forum each person has their own thoughts. Hell I may be alone in thinking this way. I have no idea, is it wrong to voice a opinion here now?
Im happy that you decided to become a gun owner recently and then make a film about 2a.
Ill say it again, I supported the first round based on what we were told. Your not asking for a little more money here. Your asking for what you first got the first round 70k.
That 70k at first was going to produce this film and market it. I guess I dont understand how it takes double to now finish it when we were told 70k would do it start to finish.
But being a Loser in America is like winning the Lottery.

Free Food.
Free Housing.
Free Spending Money.
Free Healthcare.
Free Phone.
Free Weed.
All you have to do is vote for more free stuff.

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