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Originally Posted by Deadon View Post
Lol ok that's not what I was saying but whatever.
Hey anyone want to fund my business 100%? Ill put all the time in font worry about that.
I have NO problem with the first 70k like I said I donated to it! I was told 70k to get this done! Now it's doubled because of what? We were told about staff ect in the first kickstarter. We're talking DOUBLE here 70k more! Why not just ask for that from the get go?
I've worked on many complex projects as an engineering manager over the decades. Been through two start-ups. A project comes in on time and on budget about as often as the cafeteria staff turns water into wine. I've also pledged to nearly 30 KickStarters now -- all those that funded have been successful (so far), but all have been late. What I'm saying is that *not* needing more money to finish a complex project like this film would have been a minor miracle. Kicking in a little more now is completely within my expectations, sorry it's not within yours.

A few of the other KickStarters I've pledged to have launched nice little companies that have a decent chance of survival -- good on them! I don't give them any advice about what to do with the money they make out of that. That is the point of KickStarters. You are getting something back according to your pledge level, and you get to help somebody launch something meaningful. If you were expecting more out of it, then KickStarter isn't for you.
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