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Originally Posted by dave_cg View Post
Deadon, how about you give up your regular job for the next six months and work dawn till dusk on nothing but 2A advocacy? Or are you too afraid of where your next meal would come from if you did that? I hope Dead Patriot films makes a bundle off of this -- it would be a suitable reward for the risk and effort.

BTW -- Kick(butt)Starter pledge done.
Lol ok that's not what I was saying but whatever.
Hey anyone want to fund my business 100%? Ill put all the time in dont worry about that.
I have NO problem with the first 70k like I said I donated to it! I was told 70k to get this done! Now it's doubled because of what? We were told about staff ect in the first kickstarter. We're talking DOUBLE here 70k more! Why not just ask for that from the get go?
But being a Loser in America is like winning the Lottery.

Free Food.
Free Housing.
Free Spending Money.
Free Healthcare.
Free Phone.
Free Weed.
All you have to do is vote for more free stuff.

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