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Started DROS Tonight at 7:27! I'll be there buy I'll be running late.

I think it was back in November maybe October. We had a guy who let me shoot his newly purchased Gen 4 Glock 17. I'll be returning the favor with my Glock 35.

People ask me about these shoots all the time. One concern that always comes up is, "We would like to come but we only have X,Y,Z type guns and those aren't allowed at Indoor Ranges." Or, "You always talk about the competitions, I'm not comfortable competing."

My response is that although I do bring my own guns, there have been a few meets that the only time I shot my own gun was during the competition. Yes, every meet we do have a competition but it's about breaking people out of their shooting routine and expand comfort zones. I remind them I'm not inviting them to the IE Monthly Competition, but the IE Meet, Shoot and EAT. I've noticed that many people don't dine with us after the shoot and I would like to challenge more people to join us. The eat portion often lasts longer than the meet and shoot portion. I've gotten home later than midnight quite a few times.

Looking forward to seeing every one and showing off this free state delicacy!!