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Originally Posted by cycle61 View Post
Seventeen months now, and that's just to update my dependents.
Update: I called the DAV earlier this week, and finally rattled somebody's cage enough to get them knocking on some doors. Less than 24 hours later, I receive a phone call FROM THE VA (That's never happened in 10 years) explaining the situation.

The verification of dependents form I filed all this time's missing a signature. And they need a copy of my middle daughters' birth certificate.

Nowhere, in all the masses of correspondence, mail, email, internet, and phone, with the VA, over the last year and a half, was this EVER mentioned to me. I have asked dozens of times if they needed anything else. If there was anything I could do. If they had my current mailing address, email, and phone numbers. Anything. I have checked the status of my claim at least monthly, for almost two years. Not a word. And now I find out it's been held up all this time because of a missed signature on a form somewhere.


I can only suggest working closely with your local Disabled American Veterans. They seem to have an inside line to the VA, one that I have foolishly ignored for years, feeling that I should be able to handle this on my own.

To the many, many others who have served, and are being summarily ignored by the Administration, don't give up.

Nicholas Davis
CVN 72 USS Abraham Lincoln
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