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Originally Posted by Shumba View Post
Have you tried it in your house at night? I'm wondering if it could be too bright in smaller rooms (white walls, mirrors, etc.). Seems like it would work well on a rifle/carbine outside.
After letting my eyes adjust to the dark for a little while, I ran it through my house last night. It is definitely bright, but like many other X300Ultra owners have said, the 500 lumens seem to be distributed perfectly. The hot spot is fairly broad, with tons of spill. It's more of a flood compared to the original X300 (which seems to have a tighter hot spot with much less spill). I don't have any white walls in my house, and I know where all the windows & mirrors are, so that's not a huge concern for me. Plus you can point it at the floor, and the spill will still pretty much light up the whole room. This is my first WML, and I'm extremely happy with it. I got it for $209 & to me it was worth every penny.
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