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It's good stuff, like Gunsmith Dan said "It's not like a grease that you put on and leave on" I love that i don't have to leave a "wet" coat of this stuff on my guns.

Hell, sometimes i just coat the parts and leave them in direct sun (when it's hot enough) for a few minutes....that's plenty long, then a quick wipe and back to the safe. I've never left a wet coat on the exterior and i've NEVER had any rust issues.

I do leave a bit of a wet coat around the chamber where soot begins to form after a long day of shooting... In doing so, you can just wrap a paper towel around your finger (i use the blue shop towels) when it comes time to clean and it will almost completely lift all of the soot right out. Really cuts down on time spent cleaning.

I haven't used "gun scrubber" or any harsh solvents since i've been using Frog Lube. I also noticed that my Walther P22 was super finicky about ammo... It is recommended that you use the higher power stuff not the bulk federal or winchester 22LR ammo... Anything less and it won't blow the slide back far enough to eject the spent round (not all the time but enough for it to be annoying). On this particular pistol (mine) with frog lube... No feed failures! No frog lube... 1 or 2 feed failures with every mag.

Get a small bottle of the liquid and the paste, you'll find you may like one more than the other.
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