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It's a novice thing as well as a fear thing.

I've taken two male friends who'd never shot before to the range. Both of them are over 6 feet tall, with one at about 320 pounds and the other maybe 150 pounds, and they both leaned backward even after I demonstrated proper stance.

Another time I went with a so-called veteran shooter, also over 6 feet tall and about 230 pounds, to an indoor range. For a guy who'd been shooting a while, his stance was awful -- wide open, with I think the wrong foot forward -- and he actually shot while leaning backwards. So I made some suggestions and he improved his stance. Later he got into competitive shooting, I suspect more for male comraderie rather than for precision.

Anyway I'm guessing it's more of a fear of the firearm. Think about it: Some hunk of metal that seemingly and magically explodes in the hands ... Who wouldn't be scared of such potential harm?

Once a shooter understands that the firearm will explode in his hands and not hurt him; is taught proper stance, including maybe having his instructor place a hand on his back to remind him to lean forward; and becomes comfortable with the firearm and its recoil, he'll dispense with the fear and stop leaning backward.

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