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Originally Posted by Supertac916 View Post
I could be wrong, but once you put the magazine back together and you put it in your gun it's illegal. If you purchased the magazine after 2000. Actually between 2000 and 2004 all standard capacity magazines were stamped LE/Military use only. Wasn't till the Federal ban was lifted, that the mag rebuild kits we see today became available without the stamping. Granted they will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you purchased and put together the magazine together after 2000. From what I heard it's impossible to enforce. Could be FUD though.

I think age may become a factor in the event they decide to prosecute or you have a LEO encounter. If you say that you bought them back in 99' before the ban and your currently 22 years old. Might be a little difficult to say under Oath or for them to believe you that you road your bicycle to a local gun store and bought some mags with your lunch money. Again, they'll have to prove it and as in all laws it's gauged on the Reasonable Person doctrine. Would a reasonable person believe that to be true?

And within the last 3 years.
It is my understanding that there is a 3 year statute of limitations on this confounded ignorant law.

Sooo... it may be possible for a 22 year old to currently be "legal" with a standard capacity magazine.
"The 'Spray and Pray' system advances triumphantly in law enforcement. In a recent case in a southwestern city...a police officer, when threatened with a handgun, emptied his 15 shot pistol at his would-be assailant, achieving two peripheral hits. The citizen was charged with brandishing a firearm, but the cop was not charged with anything, lousy shooting not being a diciplinary offense."
--- Jeff Cooper, June 1990

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Put you link where your opinion is.