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Originally Posted by Sakiri View Post
I'm curious about the legality of unloading, locking it in a small pistol case, tossing the case in my backpack, locking the backpack, and just taking it with me.

No safe at home(yet - one gun >.>), dislike the idea of leaving it in the vehicle(truck's been broken into twice now - they popped the door locks, the glove box lock, jacked two backpacks among other stuff) if I have to head out, and I don't have a LTC(also, yet - in the works).
From my understanding, it would be smarter to have the gun case locked separately inside the backpack. Then it's indefinite that it's inaccessible.
But it's only one or the other I wouldn't do both if I need to get in the bag, just a locked gun case.
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