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Yep, a few years back.

Its a great program that teaches you how to be a leader in a massive incident like an earth quake, tornado, hurricane, etc. One of the things you hear is you are up when 911 is down.

It teaches you how to first take care of yourself, then your family, your neighbors and then your community.

You learn about putting out small fires, assessing burning structures to determine if it is within your ability to go inside and rescue people, triage, light first aid, cribbing and lifting, managing resources and how to coordinate with other first responders.

Here is the courseware you will go over in class -

You will also be required to complete some NIMS courses online to better understand NIMS and ICS -

I had to take the following NIMS online courses that were about an hour each and free:
Once you attain your CERT 2, you can participate in CERT events for continuing education and to help others get involved.

AND ITS ALL FREE and you get the nifty green hard hat


CERT Los Angeles -
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