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I guess this is Turners way of price gouging well not really. Bright side is you get to leave with a decent optic vs paying a premium or double for one thing. Personally I'd rather spend $500 on PMAGS and 223/556 ammo over an optic. Only downside 2 this like me scraveging the little bit of money that I have and trying to enter myself into the world of AR15s makes it even tougher now to get my hands on one due to money constraints.

I'm hoping that Turners an Del Ton get that shipment that they have been leading me on since Nov 23rd I put a deposit on a Del Ton Echo 316 MOE and no word almost 2 months already. The sad part I knew it would be couple weeks wait because the election but then this madness starts spreading like wild fire across the county and to make it worse every time I turn on the news it's about some A HOLE shooting at someone ex: today Texas school campus and then here in SOCAL Lakewood hospital potential shooter. These D-bags are making us good lawful gun owners get a bad rap. Excuse me for the rant just a little frustration from the too much Government we have. Enforce laws don't take rights away. The two retards in Texas shooting each other are allowed to conceal carry but not on school or church ground so technically they where both CRIMINALS for not following simple law. I'm sure the news didn't talk about that at all.
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