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Default Carry gun outside in front of my apartment to protect from coyotes?

Hey guys,
I'm sorry if this is kind of a stupid question:

So, I have a puppy that I'm house training and have to take outside at all hours of the night. I live in the Hollywood Hills and these coyotes are getting way too brave. There have been several times that they have gotten within 20-30 feet of me before I even know they are there. In fact, they are howling right outside my window as I type this.

I don't own the property where I live. I'm in a rented apartment.

I don't want them attacking my puppy or me. I obviously can't go outside with a shotgun because my neighbors would call in the swat team and FBI haha. I also don't want to get busted for carrying a pistol (Beretta Px4 9mm, full size) without a CCW.

What are my options? Just start carrying a baseball bat?

Thanks for the advice guys.
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