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Default Brand new P226, less than 100 rounds, this happens, any thoughts?

Hi Calgunners,

Took my brand new Sig p226 .40, out to the range for the second time (picked it up less than a week ago), after about 30 rounds, the hammer won't drop, trigger won't reset, decocker goes up and down, but nothing happens. This, on top of the mags falling out after each round when the slide returns to battery. I already sent back one of the mags last week, but looks like I'm gonna have to send back the entire gun. This was purchased BNIB. My guess is that Sig will take care of me, as there is no reason that this should happen (not after a combined 80 rounds), and that I have used nothing but new Federal ammo.

I don't know what the problem is, but I've put up some photos, hopefully you guys can help me determine the problem. I hear Sig has excellent quality control so my guess is it was just a faulty piece inside. Going to call CS tomorrow morning and see what they say.

I've circled in red where I think the problem is.

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