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I live out in the middle of no where so I am staying either in my house or in a tent if house burns down. We have two foot of snow and if you watch the tracks there is not a lot out there to eat so if you are coming from the city bring food.

My Bob is for disaster preperation. Natural disasters I hope not man made. I have chickens and sheep enough to slaughter over time for at least a year of living. the details are the tough part. I have 2K pounds of wheat berries but I have to be able to grind them without power. Keeping the Bob out of the house allows the contents to survive a fire in the house. Water is across the road a year around spring so the basics are taken care of shelter, water, food. I keep five hundred pounds of salt in blocks for food preservation. When I have a little extra money I add to the non electric items from Lehmans.

Lets hope this is all just a drill to learn from. I would bet the folks from the last couple of storms wish they were better prepared.

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