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Originally Posted by bsg View Post
i suggest you consider preparing both vehicles to be part of a single 'unit' that can travel together, and also readying each vehicle to be gtg as a bug out vehicle independent of the other; this means there would be some redundancy with the supplies stored in each separate vehicle. should you need to bug out, you may not know until the need for a vehicle arises... which one (or both) will meet your needs or be left out of the equation due to external factors; you may not have a choice as to which vehicle to travel in. further limitations of either vehicle could occur after the initial bug out, depending on challenges to the vehicle from externally provided dependent variables.
This - also consider doing a triage on your supplies in case you need to abandon one or the other vehicle in a hurry. Mark important supplies with red tape, essentials with orange, and nice to haves with yellow. some way to prioritize your supplies if you need to loose a vehicle or worst case both.

I also picked a double baby stroller/jogger/bike trailer (craigslist great deal) that will be used in case my BOV has to be abandoned
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