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Originally Posted by Annonymous View Post
Nice pig and good shot! That's a really cool rifle too.

Definitely take a look at the gutless quartering method. Imagine if that guy died somewhere you couldn't reach with your truck...
Thanks - the rifle is really nothing special, other than it is a tack-driver.

Basically, I just took a K98 action and added some parts, then bedded the action and free-floated the barrel into a Core-Lite stock I bought from Midway. It was really learning exercise, and it came out pretty well. Hell - the Leupold scope probably cost twice what I have in the rifle. Honestly, unless you're a tinkerer and want to see how things work you'd probably be better off just buying the budget combo at Big 5, bedding the action, and be done with it.

Over the years I've used it mainly for 200yd metallic silhouette, but this is the second pig I've killed with it. It's a nice handling rifle, albeit an inexpensive one.

I just watched a few gutless quartering videos - definitely a nice way to go. thanks to everyone how pointed it out!

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