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Originally Posted by RandyD View Post
I am also from Eastern Washington; family owns an 8500 acre wheat farm outside of the tricities. This is the area that I would go to in the event of a bad turn of events. Why would you want to bug out of this location? There are no earthquakes, sunamis, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes or even heavy snow fall in this area. The nearest volcano is at least 100 miles away, which is far enough away that if it erupted it would not harm you. Also, the fewer people the lower the chance of any civil disruption.
Actually I am in Tri-Cities.. It is a great area and I'm not horribly worried about any real natural disaster. The only thing being Maybe Rainier. I do not want to go west at all.. If some sort of crazy disaster happens or civil unrest all the masses from the coast will be heading east or to the ocean. I want to stay as far away from the masses as possible. Other than Rainier we also have the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. I'm not sure how worried I am about that though. Not much going on out there anymore, except cleanup.

I have a 2010 Tahoe. It gets up to about 20 on the highway if you baby it.

Yeah I lived in Olympia in 80 when St. Helens blew. It was a very interesting time.. We made it through no problems though..

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