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Originally Posted by Irish_Man View Post
Well with 350 Mile gas range on the RV I could easily be into Idaho, Montana or Canada. So I think 350 Miles is a pretty good range. If I took the RV I think one tank would get me where I want to hunker down. I have also contemplated taking both rigs. I just don't like the idea of twice the vehicles, twice the gas, and even though we are following each other, the chance of getting separated.

I do have an enclosed trailer which is also an option. I use it to take the bike camping. It could be used as a shelter plus storage if we only took the Tahoe. Although when I tow the trailer the tahoe only gets around 11mpg vs 18 to 20.

Also I'm not really worried about traffic. I am far enough away from any major metropolis. I believe I could get anywhere I need to go without fighting through too much traffic. I'd be passing through little towns with less than 10,000 people in them.
Just had to ask. What kind of tahoe do you have that gets 18-20mpg? My explorer v6 4x4 only gets 12-18?
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