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Originally Posted by d-r View Post
My current top 3 recommendations for plate carriers, priced from high to low:

SKD Pig ~$320

TAG Banshee ~$135

Beez Combat Systems Slick ~ $70-$90

Unless you are facing a certain threat of AP rounds, stick with level III hard armor. Level IV spec is *1 ROUND* of M2 AP, and no promise or guarantee that it will stop a moth fart after that.

The three recommended carriers come without soft or hard armor. The only carrier that I currently am aware of (and there may be others that I am not) is the Eagle CIRAS, with sewn-in level IIIA armor. The above carriers all utilize standard 10X12 or 11X14 soft armor backers, in what is called "shooters cut." This is a rectangle with the upper corners clipped to allow a rifles stock to be comfortably shouldered. They are all compatible with side armor, both hard and soft, through the use of cummerbunds and plate pockets.

Thanks, I'll take a look at those.

I guess I misunderstood. I thought you were able to get level IIIA armor that was also a carrier. So most armor you just buy a carrier and then you can use either soft armor inserts or plates? I thought/understood it as you use the ICW plates with soft armor. I'm fairly new to this but would like to look into it. Are the carriers you mentioned capable of stopping spalls? Please excuse my ignorance.

Edit: have you heard of Diamondback Tactical? Just curious as I came across it in my limited bit of searching.

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