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Originally Posted by Dumas1012 View Post
I have the SW BG 380 with built-in laser. It was off roster so I SSE'd it. Just like the LCP and most of the 380 ACP pocket pistols on the markt it has a DAO trigger. There are a few 380 pocket pistols that have the SAO trigger like the Sig P238.

I was able to learn the trigger and shot bullseye at 7-10 yards with my Bodyguard 380, but you have to remember these pocket pistols were not meant for bullseye shooting. They're meant to bust a cap in someone's *** at close range for self defense.
That BG380 looks pretty nice! The Sig is nice too but I think I'll stick with the DAO. Did you have to pay a premium for the BG380 for the SSE?
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