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The overwhelming support for the 1911 is skewed, and here's why:

As Grant points out, the simple fact of the matter is economics and manufacturing, the 1911 is 'open source' and free to manufacture without paying royalties or obtaining permission. The Beretta is a newer design and is not open for anyone to just start machining. And the fact of the matter is that the 1911, while venerable, is an old and obsolete design. It doesn't hold up in any sustained usage without malfunctions, which can be verified by any serious armorer or gunsmith, and this is consistently repeated by Tactical Instructors and Tactical Schools which run thousands of rounds every day with hundreds of students. It never fails that the one who show with their pet 1911's rarely make it past their first day without failure or resorting to a backup gun.

There's a level of nostalgia for which I am willing to subscribe, but to buy into the Kool-Aid and claim because there's more 1911's out there being made means that it's the better handgun is...specious and ill-informed.
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