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Originally Posted by retired View Post
Not criticizing, but I would like to point out tho maybe not ideal, with practice, one can shoot multiples with a pump. We shot trap using the dept. Ithaca Model 37 Deerslay, shooting 00 buck and we would start with singles, but the instructor would eventually get up to triples.

Sometimes it would be 3 in front of us, but at a distance apart that would require separate shots and sometimes one to the left, to the center and to the right at the same time. We would have 10 clays total thrown and I consistently hit 9 of 10 for years. I always managed to miss one. I know of other deputies that did the same or better.

Obviously, a semi-auto shooting bird shot, would probably be a lot easier.
The criticism is welcome and I hear what you're saying, but that isn't gonna stop me from saving up for a good O/U!!!

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