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Originally Posted by BonnieB View Post
I'm wondering about an ankle holster. I live in sunny Sacramento, and IWB sounds unappealing and maybe impossible for me in summer. I do wear jeans in summer though.

I have very narrow ankles and I'm wondering if ankle holsters come small enough for women. Is a size 'small' made for a guy's ankle or do they really fit us? Can they be adjusted easily? Does any manufacturer list them in inches ("fits ankes 10"-16" around).

New topic:

I'm considering a Galco SkyOps holster when my CCW comes through. Do any of you women have one? Opinions? (Guys, we love you but this question is not for you).

I'll break protocol to offer some constructive tips.

Based on my experience w/concealed carry, i'd skip ankle carry entirely. The problem is that your pants have to be sized JUST RIGHT in order to hide the bulk of the gun+holster. That's bad enough, but the dealbreaker is that you have to be paranoid about how you sit.

Nearly every pair of pants I wear rides up a little bit as I sit down, so more of the ankle is exposed. I've got big manly ankles, yet im certain any leg rig would be discovered in a hurry as soon as I took a seat. I notice a lot of women like to cross their legs as they sit, which is profoundly uncomfortable to me for obvious reasons;that will expose even more of your ankles, which naturally ruins concealment.

Add in the fact that drawing from the ankle is very awkward in a life & death situation, and i'd sooner consider off body carry before going that route.

Word of advice-consider shoulder holsters. Us guys don't have many options for cover garments , and we'll get strange looks if we're wearing suits and sport coats all the time. You ladies have so many outerwear options that shoulder carry is quite doable. You'll need a handgun with a compact barrel such as a Glock 19 or P30 so as to prevent printing, but beyond that you'll be good to go. Sitting down isn't cause for a crisis or an uncomfortable experience either.

My waistline is 30" , so IWB is doable but not the most comfortable setup for me. My perfect carry method would be shoulder rigs but alas, a guy who keeps his jacket on all the time stands out to his friends.

Hopefully the women here can forgive my breach of "the rules" this one time.
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