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Originally Posted by blackrazor View Post
The problem with this is that getting arrested for mere ownership of an OLL would literally make my day. I would *love* to get a chance to rake some fascist control freak over the coals for making an unlawful arrest. I would file so many vicious lawsuits, both against the department and the arresting officer himself, that the simple act of trying to defend himself would devestate him financially and emotionally.

I never put my OLL's in a case, and most of the time I just throw them in the passenger seat on my way to the range. But, so far no luck.
Blackrazor, I'm with you, except they won't oblige us. They know we will are not only able but quite willing to make it the fight of their lives, which they will LOOSE.

Instead, they try to single out people they think lack the means and wherewithal to defend themselves, hoping to luck into making new case law.

It's disgusting.

But it's not going to work as long as the calguns community stays together like we have.

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