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Originally Posted by Meplat View Post
Screw you and “your” town. You bit** and moan about how bad CA law is and then you bit** about the only part of the state that sends anything but commies to Sacramento.

I’ll keep my pro gun sheriff and my CCW. You bay area Obama types can keep the change!
Way to throw down an educated and well articulated post in a thread about fighting for our rights. Yes Fresno has a great Sheriff and we wish we had one like her. SLO county has a bit more substance than "Bay Area Obama types". I won't get in to personal attacks, but you were clearly offended by the blanket statement that the guys from the valley flying flags, likely don't know what they even represent. Unfortunately, that is likely true. The tourists that take over Pismo, the Dunes, and sometimes spend a little time SLO; are generally part of a "scene". The bigger your rig is, the more toys that fall out of the ***-end of your toy hauler, and the bigger the flag is that you fly at your camp site...the higher up the social status ladder you sit in that scene.

I will speak for everyone in our county, we thank you for your financial contributions to our economy. But if you are disrespectful to our community, we will all lose.
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