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Originally Posted by furyous68 View Post
Actually, if you'd do your homework, there was great support for the Confederacy in CA during the Civil War. Very few voted for Lincoln, (Only about 32% of the population). Existing militias were even disbanded due to high support for the Secessionists, and new pro-Union ones were formed to keep control in California. It's pretty interesting stuff when you get into it.

On the other hand, I sincerely doubt the douche bags that come over here from the Valley flying the Stars & Bars from their trucks have any clue about that history. They're just being stupid hicks tearing up our town.
Screw you and “your” town. You bit** and moan about how bad CA law is and then you bit** about the only part of the state that sends anything but commies to Sacramento.

I’ll keep my pro gun sheriff and my CCW. You bay area Obama types can keep the change!
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