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Originally Posted by Swagman00 View Post
If I continue to dig, there was a LOT that happened in the week to two weeks right after sandy hook. THAT was the flip of the switch that sent us into a tailspin. People like me never expected Obama to renew any interest with gun control after his electoral win in 2008. He didn't do anything since then, why would he now? Because the party PUSHED for it. Newtown was the perfect opportunity to move forward. Why talk about the fiscal cliff or budget when you can focus on gun control? It's the perfect fill in for the next three months!
1. He said in the debates that he was interested in an assault weapons ban, and

2. He was waiting until he was re-elected for sure in order to push gun control because he knows it's a touchy subject. Now that there has been a mass shooting for the Democrats to gleefully point at while they dance on the graves of the dead children, they can put their plan into action. Obama doesn't have to worry about re-election because he's already in his second term.
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