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Originally Posted by spectr17 View Post
Nice shootin John, wish I could have made it. You can call the LEOs on the fort and they will open up the skinning rack for you usually or did you try that? We have our Prez Day hunt coming up if you can make that weekend. I might try and sneak a hunt next weekend in too before quail and duck closes.
No, I did not know that. I asked the kid at the check-in, and he said it was closed and told me to go use a tree somewhere.

Too bad, too.... I could have asked the cop that pulled me over for speeding. He was cool, though - let me go with just a warning...... after checking my pig tag and making sure my guns were stored properly.

Word of advice: Obey the traffic and game laws on the base, because if you draw their attention they will check everything.
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