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Originally Posted by tuna quesadilla View Post
Uh? Actually quite a few of us did. Exactly the same thing happened in 2008/2009 when Obama was elected. I made sure I had everything I needed (and more ) before the 2012 election. In fact I'm such a nice person that I bought the "and more" just to share with people like you who didn't prepare! For a price...
I DID say that I had trouble with my current build. I DIDN'T say I wasn't prepped with my existing stock. Three rifles and a thousand rounds is plenty.

I still stand firm that we wouldn't be where we are with a supply shortage if it wasn't for Newtown. All supplies were much easier to get before then. It was the perfect opportunity for certain politicians to pull the lever on their agenda if you look at the brief history:

Dec 14, 2012: The Newtown shooting
Dec 16, 2012: President Obama announced renewed effort with EO's to introduce new gun control. This same week, Joe Leiberman, Lautenberg, Feinstein and Gabby Giffords all pledge renewed efforts to reintroduce an assault weapons ban.
Dec 18, 2012: Yee announces SB 47

If I continue to dig, there was a LOT that happened in the week to two weeks right after sandy hook. THAT was the flip of the switch that sent us into a tailspin. People like me never expected Obama to renew any interest with gun control after his electoral win in 2008. He didn't do anything since then, why would he now? Because the party PUSHED for it. Newtown was the perfect opportunity to move forward. Why talk about the fiscal cliff or budget when you can focus on gun control? It's the perfect fill in for the next three months!

This part is only exacerbating the problem one month later:

Jan 15, 2013: New york's Andrew Cuomo enacts some of the toughest gun laws in the nation.
Jan 16, 2013: Obama outlines and signs the 23 EO's for GC. Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick has announced new gun control measures as well.
Jan 19th, 2013: John Yarmuth, D-Louisville is now co-sponsering legislation to limit firearm magazines to 10 rounds or less.

Now Feinstein and Lautenberg of New Jersey are in cahoots to try and get something through here and for over there. We already have a super-majority of legislators in both houses for California since the beginning of the year. Who knows what they will do. Chances are nothing positive unless contacted relentlessly.

Now the question is if things will get worse or better. I'm hunkering down.

Thanks for the offer on the parts, but I'll pass. I'm sure you can get more money then what I would even consider to provide.
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and you guys wonder why women are fed up with bad behavior?!

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