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Originally Posted by duckman1 View Post
Nice Hog!
Thanks. I have no way of knowing how heavy he was, but it had to be close to 200 pounds. After gutting him, I could barely drag him on flat ground, and it took me an hour to figure out how to get him up in the back of the truck. There was no way I could lift him by myself, and I never saw anyone else back there. I ended up having to use a tow-strap to drag him with the truck up to a cut in the road, and then backing up to the cut to roll him into the rear. It was exhausting.

After I got him loaded up, I still had to dress him out. Since the cleaning station is closed, I was directed to "use a tree"..... but then someone told me about the makeshift cleaning station by the campground. That worked OK, but it was a darn good thing I had a come-along to hoist him up to the hooks. That was another half hour of hard work to get sorted out.

Killed at 7:30, loaded into the truck by 8:30, and I finally finished cutting him up by 10:00 or so. Good thing it was cold outside.

Notes to self:

1) Get a Gambrel with block and tackle.
2) Get a MUCH bigger ice chest.
3) Don't shoot a big pig when I'm all alone.

I'm sure glad I was close to the truck when I killed him, and I'm really, REALLY glad I didn't kill him at the end of the day.

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