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Originally Posted by jonnyt16 View Post
That is so awesome. I've yet to bring in a pig this year, seems like the only thing that wants to run in front of my rifle is coyote. I'm going out to my spot tomorrow so maybe you could loan me some of your luck?

Just curious, how far was the shot and what caliber/grain you using?
If you've got access to private land, I can show up and sit right on your shoulder for good luck.

The shot was somewhere around 150 yards or so, downhill, with a 30-06 that I built myself on a Mauser K98 action using a Shilen barrel. Ammunition is hand-loaded: RP brass, Win primer, Barnes TTSX 150gr lead-free bullet, and 50.5gr of H4895.

Sub-moa at 100 yards. Not sure of the velocity as I haven't chrono'ed it yet, but the terminal ballistics tells the tale - one shot drop and perfect expansion:

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