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This is funny bc my husband and I were just talking about this a few days ago. He has been an RSO for Ladies Shoots with Second Amendment Sisters and he has had to help correct many women on their stances. I started out that way and it takes a while to feel comfortable with leaning forward. I think for some women, it has to do with background extra-curricular activities growing up. I was a dancer, diver, competitive gymnast, and high school/college cheerleader. We are taught hips forward, shoulders back, shoulders over hips over knees over toes. That is balance. Now, we have to bend legs, lean forward, for some...stick the butt out....opposite of what we have done for years. That is where practice comes in. When my hubby said to squat, I immediately squatted...into a position similar to that of a cheer squat. He just looked down and shook his I am a cheer coach...that is a squat. It took a while to learn a small squat and to lean forward. I think it is just a phase some women go through to learn to get used to something they are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with.

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