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Originally Posted by Dvrjon View Post
Working strictly with the syntax of your question, if YOU legally possessed the mags, I could not use them in MY CCW weapon, unless we were at a shooting range and you temporarily, while I was in your presence, loaned them to me. (P.C. 32415)

Now, if you legally posssessed the mags prior to 2000, and used them in your CCW weapon, you would not be in violation of the law. If you then used your weapon in self defense, presuming "legal" ammunition, you have done nothing for which the DA can bust you. (P.C. 32310).

Your biggest initial problem may be with responding law enforcement. They may see the mag and take you in for further discussions. You may also be asked to show that you owned the weapon prior to Jan 1, 2000. If you didn't (and the OAG Registry records you didn't) your day will worsen.

All that aside, if you empty your mag into and around the perp, I would expect you to be sued by the survivors, indicted by the DA for reckless endangerment and have your IA pull your LTC due to lack of gun control.

Mitigate the issue--carry 10.



Our legal system is supposed to be assumed innocent until proven otherwise.
You do not have to (and should not even attempt to) prove that you owned the magazine prior to 2000. It is on them to prove you didn't.
Get a lawyer & shut up.
"The 'Spray and Pray' system advances triumphantly in law enforcement. In a recent case in a southwestern city...a police officer, when threatened with a handgun, emptied his 15 shot pistol at his would-be assailant, achieving two peripheral hits. The citizen was charged with brandishing a firearm, but the cop was not charged with anything, lousy shooting not being a diciplinary offense."
--- Jeff Cooper, June 1990

Originally Posted by EM2
Put you link where your opinion is.