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Originally Posted by 427TriPowered View Post
ok folks... went to the spy store and swept the room for listening and other devices... all seems to be good... better safe than sorry i went to the dope store and got some 3mil milar and wrapped the room... that will show them... now they cant hack into my laptop or cell phone although they are out there... i know they are out there...

so... now the blocked sites are unblocked...

as i was going to the room last night i stopped at the front desk and simply asked if the internet was working... the lady said it was... i asked what the issue was and she said the owner was behind on the bill so the internet provider shut down porn sites and gun sites hoping to get complaints from the guests that would force them to pay the bill...

it worked... she said the connectors who stay here mon - fri said they would not be back if the internet didnt get fixed...
I've never heard of our service being used that way. Would you be willing to send me your public IP address and a list of the DNS servers your computer uses?
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