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Originally Posted by bsumoba View Post
i can tell you one thing about jb weld. i "jb welded" my base plates on a couple 30 rounders and made them permanent and thought to myself, i wonder if i can remove them?

well, i took them out and looked at the work i did and couldn't even imagine how i can remove the baseplate without destroying the whole bottom section.

i put jb on the lip around the whole baseplate and covered the whole button on the very base.

according to their website, you can grind it or file it off OR you can heat it to 600 degrees F. problem is getting to lip section of the baseplate to do any filing or grinding and im sure you cant heat up the plastic to 600 degrees.

i say its permanent.
LOL I've known guys who have repaired cracked engine blocks with JB Weld. No way you're going to remove the base plate after using it.

Originally Posted by timmytoast916 View Post
That's why I was asking about modding my mags. Knowing now though that it has to be permanent, I won't be doing it to my mags. Gonna hunt down new 10 rounders...
Like I said there is much debate on what is permanent. Check it out and decide for yourself. With times like these it may have to be done to a couple of your mags.
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