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Originally Posted by Merc1138 View Post
Buying was up, with prices rising and wait times due to backordered items since before the election in November. All newtown did was accelerate the buying into full panic mode. So yeah, we did see it coming.

edit: Also, the two other clues you should have had that things were going to get hard to find would be the 2014 long gun registration(gotta buy 'em now if you don't want 'em registered), and the results of the election with regards to our state legislature.
Yes buying was up, but everything was still available at least. Some items were certainly in backorder, but nine times out of ten you could still get something close to what you wanted. Even the long gun registration was over a year away. There was time. Many people including me ran off that schedule and paced themselves. Not everyone can simply drop a grand on a rifle any day of the week.

It's easy to say "Could have, would have, should have." It's easy to buy anything if you have the money. Try living at my pay grade and live off of PBJ for a month just to pay bills. Others share the same. It stinks, but I manage just as much as others do. I take pride that I give to the system and take nothing even though it isn't much.

I'm not trying to get into a contest, but there are people that fall in this category everywhere. The economy still sucks, unemployment is still at 10% around here and people that want to support everything on this website have prior obligations. I can't do much, but I do what I can. I can only change things from here forward.

Now I'm off my soap box. I didn't mean to go OT OP. Try sticking to the gun shows and show up early. Something else I found to work is scouting Ebay under misspelled headers that don't come up in a search. Craigslist may also be another option by using so it goes nationwide. That's the best I can offer.
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and you guys wonder why women are fed up with bad behavior?!

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