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Nice to see you're checking-in here.
I suspect everyone involved is busy not just with the daily demands but also seeing that the shop, reputation, and costumer base improve.
That said, don't neglect the volumes of gun-store feedback & expectations that have been logged here on Calguns.

Basically, folks want and sometimes expect informed service and not questionable legal theories. If you can't or won't do something, say so, don't say it's the law. If you want to know the law come here. If you want to make up the law, hope your patrons don't come here- or get yourself elected.

Folks want no BS PPT's -Every poorly conducted PPT can loose you a good customer, many do-
Everyone knows PPT's are a law and an obligation, the fact that you don't like them is not usually the fault of the transferee. The quicker and kinder it is, the happier everyone will be.

Folks want clear and consistent fees. Publish them, stick to them. If you charge $5 less than the next guy, you will get a lot of business. If you don't want that, charge more. Just figure out where you want to be and try to stick to that price.

Lastly, being realistic about the time you take to do work is really important. If you can't get to a gun for 3 months, say so and give the client a chance to make their choice. They might bring it back in 3 months, but if you just keep it, in 3 months they will want it back and never come back to your store again.

You don't have to subscribe to that BS about them always being right if you don't think that about yourself. Customers may act like children, but we want to be treated like adults. Having to deal with &/or getting to know whoever walks through your door is a challenge every day, but politeness and consistency go a real long way in your business.

Website needs a bit of work, only the Gun Genie link works.
This needs some clarifacation too:
Handgun Safety Certificate Test Administration (HSC)
Study Guide: $1.00 (Hard Copy)
Test: 425.00
Subject to card availability...

Anyway, just my thoughts.
It's your store, I'm hoping it can be be the one I want to go to first.

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