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Originally Posted by louie View Post
Just got back from Phoenix show, and yes it was worse madness than even Ontario two weeks ago. The prices are all up since last week when I did the Ventura Show. MiWall has raised prices on most products 10 to 15% since last week. Supply according to Mike, the owner, is very hard to come by. Don't even ask about private sellers. One guy had Norinco 223 in the yellow box for 30.00 a box!!!! Almost all who had 223/556 are now asking 1.00 a round for it. Some even more. All AK ammo is 10 to 12.00 a box for Wolf, Tula, etc. 308 surplus running 70 to 80c a round. I saw boxes of ammo I haven't seen in years. There was stuff you can tell had been stored for years. Very little 8mm, one guy had Turk bandos, the copper stuff for 40.00 a bando. Most SKS were at least 450 for Chinese, and 550 and up for the Russian ones. Only common stuff like shotguns and sporting rifles were anywhere near the pre madness levels. Any one else go to Phoenix?

PS, when the doors opened at 9;00 the rush to MiWall's table looked like a scene from the Godzilla movies. People running wildly!!
any ar or saiga ak mags at the show im a little low
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