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Default Online police report.

I walked outside this morning to go to work to find my car window broken out. What bothers me the most is one, there was nothing to steal it was empty and the radio stolen last month. Two it was unlocked because it's a pos 89 broken locks... Need I say more?. Window broken car unlocked the whole time nothing stolen, being the second time in two months I figured maybe get a report for the insurance in case something else happens ill have records. My city dept. says they do reports online with no suspect info, is this commonplace now? Are they reviewed by anyone or just filed digitally?

My hopes by reporting is the an officer may pass by from time to time I am now growing concerned about my home. I am leery of my neighbors now, they socialize with each other more than I do with them. Being my vehicle was the only vehicle on the whole street touched I have a bad feeling something just feels bad. I don't want to pass judgement on people but I have a bad feeling.

When I fill the report is there anything that may come of it? Should I bother or just replace the glass and continue saving to move? Thanks for any advice.
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