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Originally Posted by jbohon View Post
The places that I've checked all seem to be selling 1oz coins for right around $37-$40. That is quite a bit more than $2 over spot. (if I understand it correctly) So where might someone look to find it at a reasonable price? Or have the prices become as inflated as ammo prices? I'd really like to get into this, but I don't want to pay exagerated prices...

also, is the no tax over $1500 thing a rule or was that some special deal?
Check online store for prices closest to spot. But call coin shops in your area. Ask them if they sell silver coins, you're looking for Troy ounce rounds or bars, and how much are they each? They SHOULD give you their price over the phone, no b.s. waste your time. Find the cheapest price and drive there.

As for the sales tax thing, I believe it's a state law. It differentiates the difference between someone buying for collection and novelty and someone buying for investment/money exchange. The state doesn't tax on the investment. To my knowledge!
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